Photoshoots should be fun!

You might think 'I am not photogenic at all and look awful in pictures', or 'I am super nervous and will probably be awkward in a photoshoot'.

I honestly hear this from 80% of people who book me. I don't believe that only some people look good in pictures, everyone honestly can look wonderful, you just have to be relaxed– and having fun achieves this. 

Therefore, I make it my aim to make sure that people relax. Making them laugh is always the best way to do this as well as making things light and fun. 

I don't just do this so we all have a jolly time, it is so they have the best pictures possible as well as having a good old jolly time! If you have fun, you instantly relax and therefore look more natural in the pictures and you more than likely look like yourself rather then an awkward version of you. Your shoulders won't be tense and lifted, your mouth won't be all tight and awkward. Being tense like this obviously never looks good in a picture, and this is why people think they photograph badly. No one – not even a model would look good when they are tense and not relaxed. I have shot models before like this and it doesn't work but as soon as they have fun and relax it works.

I think it is such a shame when someone covers their face and refuses to have their picture taken. Therefore, when I have clients who can be like this I make it my mission to change their perspective of having their picture taken. I believe every body can look gorgeous in a photograph and like how they look. Having fun for those who hate having their picture taken achieves this. I think it is a muscle memory type thing- if they have a great time they relax and then enjoy the experience as well as loving the outcome of the pictures.

I hope that doing this just one time with me changes their feelings towards being photographed and that from then on they will let people take their picture after that. Life goes by so quickly, so it is such a special beautiful thing to have a moment in time captured forever. 

Let's not let insecurity get in the way, so lets have fun, relax and create gorgeous moments that will last forever! 


Tips for getting good pictures whilst having fun for family, couple shoots & individual shoots:

For People having their picture taken:

  • Location is super important as a starting point to help you feel relaxed, so ask the photographer to photograph you somewhere you feel comfortable like your home or if doing a location shoot somewhere where there won't be loads of people around and where you enjoy going, to like your favourite beach for example. 
  • Wear a colour that suits you, and something you can move in and feel comfortable in – so no crazy short or tight clothes ladies!
  • For you lovely ladies: don't go too heavy on the makeup, make sure you blend well and wear makeup you normally wear.
  • Go with how your feeling in the picture. If you want to laugh go with that and burst out laughing but equally don't force a smile. If your not in the mood to smile, don't do it. 
  • Commit to whatever you naturally do so it looks natural. If you are feeling shy or tired then go with that. Lean on your partner for example and turn your face into them, perhaps hiding slightly from the camera – this can make a lovely intimate moment. Going with how you’re feeling always helps in a shoot if you’re feeling nervous. 

My tips for novice photographers:

  • Play your clients favourite music so they feel at home and relaxed. Chat with them for a good 10 minutes before to build up a rapport with them.
  • If you have a family shoot get the children to tell silly jokes – this always works for me and I always have a wonderful natural picture of them all looking and laughing at each other.
  • I had a model once who was super nervous and it was a freezing day. When you get a super nervous client and the pictures are not working at all take 10 minutes out. I find when you try to push through they get more awkward so you need to take a break. With the model I had I went and got her a cup of tea, told her to roll herself a cigarette and I played music I knew she loved. She relaxed instantly and warmed up – and I made her laugh with my interesting dancing skills. Making things fun and relaxed resulted in the pictures doing a 360 as she felt comfortable to take my direction and we were then able to created some beautiful work together.


If you would like to experience a fun, relaxed shoot with me and create some pictures you will love of yourself why not book with me by the end of February using the code FUN20 when you enquire and get 20% off! 

Capture the fun in your relationship

Capture the fun in your relationship